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How To Hire Sales People Who Don't Suck

Sandler Training Orlando Recruitment & Hiring Solutions

Think about the last 3 or 4 “bad” hires you’ve had in your sales department.

Think about what that bad hire cost you in terms of:

  • Lost business
  • Additional Salaries
  • Cost of Onboarding
  • Lost Market Share


Don’t waste time, energy and money filtering through a sea of unqualified candidates. Let us use our systematized approach to get you the RIGHT candidate more quickly!

Fill out the form to request a complimentary consultation with one of our recruitment specialists to determine what the best options are for your situation.  

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We can take on part or all of your recruiting and hiring process.

Getting the resumes is only Step One. We use a 4 step process before a potential candidate ever gets to meet down with the hiring authority at your company.

  • First, we do a pre-interview on the phone to make sure the words on the resume actually match the person.
  • Next, we take the candidate through an online testing process that helps us define who this person as a salesperson or sales manager in great detail. Not only CAN they sell, but WILL they sell.
  • Once those results come in, we do an intensive phone to confirm and expand our findings through testing and to bring in real-world examples. If that goes well, we then schedule an hour long face to face interview at our offices or live on the internet.
  • Only after all of this will the qualified candidate make his way to you.